We have already said several times in the past that the Village Green lawn is a type of turf adaptable to different types of green solutions: from residential to public and sports use. In the context of the latter application, we now find the lawn as the protagonist of a project for the redevelopment of the green area of a major dog training centre in Molise, the Ipo Sport Dog, managed by the nationally and internationally renowned dog trainer and multiple champion Vincenzo Magnati.

Less water and fewer injuries

The laying of the grass took place in April 2022 from sod supplied by Certified Producer Angelo Profeta of the company Pratopiù, and to date the green surface covers an area of 3600 square metres. Right from the start, Village Green gave optimal responses in terms of performance and yield for the purpose for which it was intended. In fact, thanks to its characteristics of resistance and adaptability, this type of turf is perfect for heavily trafficked areas subject to frequent stress. Its rapid growth and excellent regeneration capacity due to the plant’s strong root activity mean that there is no need to worry about possible damage to the lawn surface. These are ideal conditions for dog training grounds or lawns frequented by our four-legged friends in general. Furthermore, by providing a soft, cushioned surface to protect the paws, the risk of injury during training activities is greatly reduced. Another important factor, especially in this historic period, is the reduced need for water that Village Green requires. We are talking about 50% less than other turf species on the market, in addition to the absence of fertilisers or chemicals thanks to its dense cover that makes it able to smother weeds.

The right choice

‘Since having Village Green turf we have noticed a considerable reduction in injuries to the dogs’ legs, due to the firmness of the turf, which regenerates very quickly. In addition, the dogs have achieved a running speed that is about 4km/h faster than under previous conditions,‘ says Vincenzo, owner of Ipo Sport Dog. The use of Village Green, in short, proved to be the ideal choice for this type of surface for dog training. Resistant, high-performance and easy to maintain, it is an ideal solution for anyone who wants a beautiful, low-cost and eco-friendly lawn.

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