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Village Green Turf has over ten years of proven credibility in the industry, we have a proven accredited Plant Breeder’s Rights (PBR) turf variety with over 1,500,000 sqm laid throughout Australia each year and ‘growing’. Our instant turf is grown by 14 of the best, biggest and most accredited turf growers across Australia, making Village Green Turf one of the largest lawn and turf suppliers in the Oceania geographic region.

Village Green can be ordered from our certified Turf Growers across the country and now even in Europe. We are even proud that Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA) couldn’t find another turf with the same qualities and benefits as Village Green, we agree Village Green is pretty hard to beat. Which is why they market our Village Green Turf as  Eureka Kikuyu Premium VG Grass. So rest assured customers when you ask for Village Green and they offer Eureka PREMIUM VG you are getting the one and the same Village Green Turf.

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Our turf farms are located all across the country and are grown under various Australian conditions. This ensures that the turf we supply are of the highest quality and weed-free. Each turf installation project comes with a guaranteed certified authenticity certificate making Village Green Turf the preferred turf farmers and lawn suppliers for many local Australian councils and landscape architects. Village Green qualities and benefits are pretty hard to beat, just look at our testimonials and images of projects completed.

Village Green Turf’s Kikuyu strain is of premium standard and is far superior to common Kikuyu supplied across Australia (and in Europe). Compared and tested against 70 different turf strains, our Kikuyu turf retained it natural vibrant cues under various weather conditions from 40 degrees centigrade in the summer heat and negative 3 degrees in the wet winter chills. Granting Village Green Turf, a PBR by IP in Australia in 2008.

With over 170 years combined and proven credibility in the industry, we pride ourselves of being turf experts! We passionately cultivate, the natural turf message across Australia and we support our growers to provide the best turf meeting strict standards. Our growers supply Village Green turf to Perth, Sydney and Melbourne customers, simply make an enquiry and get a quote today.

Village Green Turf’s Kikuyu turf is the turf of choice for many applications including sports fields, parks, residential developments, racetracks and home lawns. Make it your next choice!

To find out how to reduce water use by 40% and have a great looking lawn all year round, then download this free turf guide.

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