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Village Green turf has over ten years of proven credibility in the industry, we have a proven accredited PBR turf variety with over 1,000,000 sqm laid throughout Australia. Plus Village Green is grown by 14 of the biggest and best turf growers across Australia. Supplying high quality, weed free turf, certified and guaranteed with an authenticity certificate for every project. That’s why many councils and landscape architects are now specifying Village Green as their preferred variety of turf for any situation. Home owners are now recognising and taking advantage Village Green’s proven ability to perform at home. Village Green is the turf of choice for many applications including sports fields, parks, residential developments, racetracks and home lawns.

The great news is that now an Australian develop turf variety is being widely grown and installed across villas, resorts, sports fields and public spaces across the Mediterranean in Europe.

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Why choose Village Green turf?

Superior Density – More shoots per square metre

Increased wear tolerance.
• Quicker recovery after wear.
• Ability to maintain full cover even under severe drought or low nutrient conditions.
• Less weed invasion.
• Ability to handle very low mowing heights.
• Research indicates Village Green is 26% denser than common kikuyu.

Efficient Root System – more roots per square metre

• Increased efficiency of water and nutrient uptake.
• Better drought tolerance.
• Increased surface stability.
• Reduced risk of nutrient leaching.
• Research indicates Village Green has double the root volume of common kikuyu.

Superior Appearance – compact growth habit and dark green colour

• Better presented surfaces.
• Less need for fertiliser.
• Good first impression for users of the surface.
• Greater resistance to weeds.

Outstanding Versatility

• Mowing heights from 9 mm to 90 mm.
• A wide range of uses, from hockey to racetracks.
• Use in low maintenance environments e.g. community ovals through to high profile sports fields.
• Used in environmental stabilisation control.

Superior Winter Activity

• Less need for over-seeding in cold regions.
• Better turf performance during winter.
• Less need for re-turfing at end of winter.
• Can be grown in colder regions.

Performing Across Australia

Village Green Turf has been trialled from Carnarvon in Western Australia to Caboulture in Queensland and performs well in hot and cold climates and across most soil types.

Many landscape architects, landscapers, developers and councils are now specifying Village Green Premium Turf because of the following benefits:
– Winter color and performance.
– Ability to handle tough conditions.
– Quick recovery from wear and drought conditions.
– Dense cover that smothers weeds.
– A safer playing surface.

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Suited to all climates except the tropics.