Village Green Turf was selected for its large and deep root growth on an sporting oval which had previously had drainage and turf establishment issues.

Jumbo rolls were laid by Greenacres in 2012 and since the turf’s installation, the grounds have hosted a Western Australian Football League (WAFL) and received much acclaim for the surface.

Hands Oval – Bunbury Western Australia

Gavin Harris, Works and Services Director, City of Bunbury, said the grounds continued to be maintained to a high standard with a dedicated maintenance regime, but in the last 12 months, the oval has had an issue with sting nematode which Gavin said had potentially introduced from other grounds.

“The sting nematode has managed by manually removing affected areas – cutting the turf out by hand and replacing it,” Gavin said.


“This was potentially brought in from other grounds therefore we have introduced better hygiene procedures on machines.


“We recently replaced turf in goal mouths due to excessive wear and have been rotating posts to spread the wear in goal mouths.”


There is ongoing monitoring of soil and leaf requirements through monthly sampling and maintained a regular nutrient regime, though the quantity of nutrients being applied has been able to be reduced.

Hands Oval is mowed once a week year round at 15mm using a Toro Reelmaster 5510. During the off season, the City of Bunbury maintenance team uses a Peruzzo Jaguar 2000 verti cut/groomer as required to lessen thatching and maintains an even playing surface by breaking the 10mm organic layer at the surface of the root zone.

In each of these scenarios, Village Green has demonstrated its ability to adapt and thrive in areas around Australia.

From little to no care, to precision greens-keeping, the Kikuyu turf has developed full coverage and stood the test of time with wear and tear.

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