A new turf variety is rapidly gaining attention of growers, commercial developers and residential buyers across southern Europe.

A denser grass that is more durable, weed resistant and active through the winter months, Village Green is being chosen because of its ability to outperform common kikuyu and other alternatives.

Village Green is first hybrid kikuyu to be patented in Europe, and in Australia where it has undergone vigorous university testing and research.

Village Green is a superior Kikuyu that is certified free from disease, weeds and pests and is genetically pure. It is ideal for public spaces, villas and sports grounds. Its independent certification gives Village Green clients the confidence of knowing their grass meets stringent standards.


VILLAGE SETS THE SCENE Water Weeds/fertiliser Time
Village Green Irrigation three times per day in first week, then once next week. No weeds, no chemicals Ready in four weeks
Seeded kikuyu Irrigation three-four times per day for three weeks Weed killer for three months, regular fertilising Ready in three months
Planted varieties High and continuous water usage Constant weed control and fertiliser needs Slow to develop


Greener, greater

Top class sports ovals, public green spaces and residential lawns can be kept at peak performance levels year-round with Village Green turf. It is a dense, hard wearing turf that delivers excellent sports surfaces and public open spaces around Europe, including major projects in Italy, Cyprus, Spain, Israel and across Australia.

Its best characteristics are the colour holding in the winter months, its ability to take regular mowing at heights lower than 20mm and its durability in coping with high traffic areas, including around shopping centres, parks, sports grounds and schools.

Village Green’s density helps resist wear and presents a tight cover that smothers weeds under low maintenance, while higher vigour ensures better recovery from turf damage and wear, especially during winter. Its shorter internodes ensure a stronger root system and around 40 per cent lower water usage.

The density also crowds out weeds and removes or limits the need for pesticides, while it is pollen-free to prevent allergies.


When purchasing Village Green turf, you will always have:

  • peace of mind that the product is not contaminated with weeds, other turf types or disease
  • a quality product without worthy comparison
  • a grass that lives up to and exceeds expectations.

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