Village Green is the coolest grass around

Some recent major turf projects have demonstrated why Village Green is the most versatile turf in southern Europe.

A hardy and resilient performing turf in summer, Village Green turf is also the ideal variety to be laid in the cooler months.

It is the only turf variety that is active all winter in a Mediterranean climate. By installing Village Green in winter, it will take root and flourish with a verdant green coverage.

A denser grass that is more durable, weed resistant and active through the winter months, Village Green is being chosen across Europe because of its ability to outperform other alternatives.

Its best characteristics are the colour holding in the winter months, its ability to take regular mowing at heights lower than 20mm and its durability in coping with high traffic areas, including around shopping centres, parks, sports grounds and schools.

Proven performer

Village Green is a proven performer in winter, chosen for a range of major developments and sports fields in Italy, Cyprus, Spain and around the world.

The winter credentials of this patented turf variety are exemplified by its use on sports fields dominated by winter sports, such as soccer and rugby.

In Bari, Italy, international auto parts supplier Marelli chose Village Green for its soccer pitch because of its low maintenance, year-round green appearance and water saving features.

On the northern Mediterranean Sea in Italy’s Liguria region, the Imperia Rugby Club re-laid its playing surfaces because of Village Green’s ability to withstand cold, mountainous weather and dry summers. And a turf that can take punishment dished out during rugby matches is a tough turf competitor.

Winter winner

Village Green’s ability to thrive when planted in winter has the added bonus for growers and commercial and residential clients of saving on water resources and expenses.

Village Green’s year-round versatility gives growers, landscapers and gardeners the benefit of extending the timeframe with which they can grow turf and, importantly, increasing the amount of time they can be profitable.

Another cost saving, and aesthetic quality, is the lack of need for weed control or chemicals. Village Green’s dense cover smothers out weeds and it requires no chemicals.

This winter is the perfect time to start your turf project and plant Village Green.

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