When a major city regeneration project involves the internationally renowned Zaha Hadid Architects, its credentials as a world-class urban landscape redevelopment are assured.

The transformation of neglected Eleftherias Square in the Cypriot capital Nicosia began in 2013 with a design competition and is only now being officially opened in 2021.

Zaha Mohammad Hadid, who passed away in 2016, was a British Iraqi architect recognised as a major figure in architecture of the past 30 years. Her bold vision for Eleftherias Square was ambitious to say the least.

Ms Hadid envisioned the lush turf, elegant modern design and cultural and sporting facilities as being the catalyst to “uniting the last divided capital of Europe”.

It’s a grand vision and one that Village Green was chosen to assist in bringing it to fruition.

Covering 35,300 square metres amidst massive Venetian fortifications and even a moat, the central city square now also comprises more than 5,000 square metres of Village Green turf.


Quality of the Green Village Grass

Eleftherias Square has benefited greatly from Village Green’s density, which helps resist wear and presents a tight cover that smothers weeds under a low maintenance regimen.

Growers of Village Green turf in Cyprus, Turfland, have enthused about the turf variety’s suitability for southern European parklands and all domestic and commercial grassed areas, and sports fields.

Agriculturist and principal of Turfland, Costas Michael, said he very quickly realised Village Green turf was the solution his clients needed.

“Due to water retention and supply issues, many clients were resorting to artificial turf until we started producing Village Green,” Mr Michael said.

“With its superior root system and higher density, Village Green has allowed us to grow without having to use plastic netting underneath (as was the case when using common kikuyu that would otherwise fail to hold together).”

“Village Green also stays green all year-round, compared to the common kikuyu we had used previously, so it saves money in overseeding,” he said.

The nature of the Eleftherias Square design is that the turfed segments come in a range of sizes and shapes, some receiving heavy foot traffic and others in partly shaded or full sun locations.

Village Green is the premium turf variety for handling heavy traffic, retaining a thick and well-padded feeling underfoot, deep green colour in winter and summer, and coping ably with dappled light under trees.

Its versatility, stemming from its root volume being double that of other varieties, meant it was the natural choice by project managers who insisted on the very best international standards and suppliers for all of its contracted works.

Nicosia’s city officials have also praised the maintenance cost savings generated by Village Green’s minimal water, fertiliser and weed control needs.

Its elegance and high resistance to treading were the main requirements for Village Green to be chosen for this ambitious project, which involved the best international technicians and suppliers.

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