After sport fields, plazas and public gardens among Spain, Greece and mainland Italy, Village Green lands in Sardinia. At the center is a project for a four-thousand-square-meter lawn in Orosei, on the island’s east coast, a location known as both a tourist and nature destination. The green lung was created within an accommodation facility near the sea, which is set to host a significant amount of tourists from all over the world, and decided to include in its offer a lawn that is elegant and soft to walk on. The sod was supplied by a Certified Producer, Bindi Pratopronto Nord. Work began in the middle of last May and was completed in six days, with the lawn now being taken over by technician Renzo Dessena.

In this case, this is a space within a protected, ecologically sensitive area. It means that standards exclude the use of phytosanitary, chemicals and even water resources must be used sparingly. In this key, the Australian Village Green -which has specialised technicians and consultants in the Old Continent- was chosen to operate not only on the side of product class and finesse, but also to meet high-level sustainability parameters. A key piece of the project is at play here: simple management but excellent yields in terms of aesthetics.

This is not an easy task, which is why the accommodation facility relied on a company that has in its ranks professionals with decades of experience, who in recent years have created lawns of more than twelve million square meters in different areas of the globe. What’s more, we are talking about specialists who use the only variety of kikuyu lawn approved outside Australia, with all the appropriate certifications from the European Union.

A type of grass that performs well even where climates are not among the most docile. Indeed, the range of occasions on which it has been used ranges from the rugby fields of continental Europe-where, in addition to cold winter climates, the turf must provide a high level of resilience to the stress caused by a sport like oval ball, which is usually not very “tame” with turf- to the torrid climates of southern Europe (Spain, Greece, Cyprus, southern Italy). Here, water supply possibilities are often reduced due to the particularity of the territorial contexts and their weather conditions, which is why product efficiency plays a key role, which proceeds in parallel with that of aesthetic performance.

A lawn that is beautiful to see and walk on, resistant to external conditions and easy to manage. A mix of factors that has proven successful as a calling card for a place – like Sardinia – whose beauty must ensure both appeal to tourists and respect for the local ecosystem.