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Lawn worthy of your hotel or resort

Make your guest stay a relaxing and memorable one by choosing Village Green lawn. A green well-kept lawn has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and increase feelings of happiness and serenity. Across our milder Mediterranean climate, Village Green lawn maintains a vibrant and lush green colour all year round. Village Green is a versatile new turf variety that’s been rigorously tested under European conditions and proven to outperform all other turf varieties.

Save time and money

One of Village Green’s great benefits is that it uses up to 40 per cent less water and nutrients than most other lawn varieties, saving on your water bill and benefiting the environment.

Even in our increasingly drier climate, Village Green allows you to enjoy a green lawn without worrying about water usage.

That’s why you’ll find it growing at high profile public spaces, resorts and villas across the Mediterranean and why it’s fast becoming Europe’s turf of choice.

Its tight, dense coverage stops intrusive weeds and eliminates the need for chemical sprays and time-consuming maintenance.

Village Green doesn’t produce seed, which means no ugly seed heads or risk of spreading into garden beds. It also doesn’t produce pollen, which is great for guests with allergies. All the ease without the sneeze!

High or low season, it’s always in season

Whether handling large volumes of foot traffic in summer or looking great throughout winter, Village Green is a proven performer across most soil types and climatic conditions.

It thrives in full sun or partial shade and is tailor made for the Mediterranean climate.

Unlike other varieties like Bermuda grass, Village Green is “winter active”, growing even when planted in the colder months and maintaining its wonderful green sheen and dense coverage throughout the year.

Village Green loves a crowd and its durability makes it the perfect choice for busy resorts and hotels.

Choosing the right lawn variety

As summers grow longer and hotter and rainfall declines, what has worked in the past does not necessarily work today.
For decades, cool season grasses such as Ryegrass, Fescue and Poa have been preferred. They are adapted to mild summers and cool to cold winters where rainfall is plentiful. Under these conditions, they stay green year-round.

But under current climate patterns, cool season grasses do not perform.

Warm season grasses such as Village Green are well adapted to today’s warmer temperatures and lower rainfall, making them a more sustainable choice for modern lawns across southern Europe. 

To find out how to reduce water use by 40% and have a weed free lawn all year round. Then download this free turf guide, that explains everything you need to know about choosing the right turf!

Village Green® success stories

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